A detective adventure in a futuristic city



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Lunacity is a game that mixes elements of adventure and role to offer a story set in a futuristic city where the main character, a detective named Jia, must solve a homicide committed in the city center.

During the adventure, Jia will have to deal with lots of other problems besides the murder. Along the way, for example, you'll encounter other delinquents you'll have to deal with using your flying motorcycle and regulation pistol.

As you pursue the criminals, you have to shoot at them while avoiding the different obstacles that get in your way, like cones or fences. You can also pick up valuable objects along the way in order to get some 'overtime' pay.

This extra money will be very useful to buy objects and upgrades for your protagonist in some of Lunacity's shops. Better weapons, better parts for the motorcycle, or social upgrades for Jia.

Lunacity is a 2D adventure RPG with an interesting story starring an interesting character. The setting, very similar to classics like Tex Murphy, is spot-on and a proper novelty within the genre.
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